TBC: Steamed Fish w/ Ginger

Filipino noun
1. Provisions
2. Packed lunch or snack
Kung Hei Fat Choy! To welcome the year of the Wooden horse, I decided to try two Chinese recipes for my baon this week.  This is part er.
I got inspired by a recipe that I saw in taste.com.au.  It is a simple yet delectable dish. It’s so simple that I was comfortable enough to do it my way.
Here it goes, Steamed Fish w/ Ginger ala Unschooled Chef Carl
Rice cooker w/ steamer basket
1 kg Cream Dory Fillet (cut into three-finger portions)
5cm piece ginger, thinly sliced
4 baby bok choy, quartered
4 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp white vinegar
1 tbsp stevia powder
1 tbsp sesame oil
4 spring onions, thinly sliced (for garnish)
Coriander (for garnish)
  1. In a pot or a kettle boil 2 cups of water.  In the mean time, place ginger and cream dory fillet in aluminum foil.  On a separate aluminum foil, place bok choy.
  2. Transfer boiled water into the rice cooker.  Place fish fillet on steamer basket and place on top of rice cooker.  Steam for 15 minutes.  Once done, place bok choy and steam for another 5 minutes.
  3. While fish and bok choy are steaming, combine soy sauce, vinegar, stevia powder and sesame oil in a pan over medium heat until warm.
  4. Serve fish and bok choy with sauce, sprinkle spring onions and coriander
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