The Baon Chronicles: A Prologue


I started working in Bonifacio Global City (Taguig City, Metro Manila Philippines) in July 2011.  The area offers a lot of great restaurants with varying cuisines, that will leave your taste buds satiated, but if done daily, will leave your wallets empty.  There are fast food chains nearby, but will definitely give you an express ride to Obesity City (or ObeCity *ba dum tss*).  There is a cafeteria at the ground floor of my workplace but there had been cases wherein freshness was compromised, so, .  Finding a budget-friendly, home cooked and healthy meal can be quite difficult. 

The only logical solution that I came up with was to start preparing my own meals. So I bought a three-piece cookware set, composed of a saute pan, sauce pan and rondeau/brasier. I was happy because I bought the pans at a discounted price. 🙂

3 piece

Then, I searched for recipes on the internet. I started with easy Filipino dishes such as adobo and bistek tagalog (derived from beef steak) and gradually tried intermediate ones.  Once I mastered a recipe I go master another.  I tried cooking with beef, chicken, pork, fish, pasta, vegetables, root crops, etc.  I opened myself to other cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Spanish and Thai.  It has been a continuous learning experience ever since and I yearn to learn more (baking maybe?)

Cooking made me happy and gave me a sense of fulfillment.  I gained a new hobby/skill and at the same time an outlet for creativity.  

…And this my friends is the story of how I became an unschooled chef.

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2 thoughts on “The Baon Chronicles: A Prologue

  1. My introduction to cooking was through the I Hate To Cook Cookbook, by Peg Bracken. It was intended for people who had no culinary skill at all. That was me. Gradually, like you, I mastered the basic, then the intermediate stages. I stopped there, since that was sufficient for my needs. I bake as well. I always prefer my own cooking. Best wishes. ~ Dennis

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