Fiction: My Serendipitous Valentine


For this week’s The Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge, we are to write about Valentine’s Day. Personally, I believe the holiday/event is just for commercialism’s sake and I strongly believe that love can be celebrated any given day. Nevertheless, I opened myself up to the challenge and I wanted to challenge my creativity and writing skills.

I am a How-I-Met-Your-Mother (HIMYM) fan. The story revolves around the adventures and misadventures of Ted in finding his eventual wife. It tackles the ups and downs of romantic relationships and everything in between, which, almost everyone can relate to.

I decided to make a story that is HIMYM-inspired and Valentine’s-themed.

The Girl with the White Hat on

This is the story of how we met.

It happened on this day ten years ago (If I remember correctly, it was around 2:00am). I was in our favorite hang-out place with two good friends dancing my heart out (and clearly tipsy). It was a dance borne out of frustration, frustrations I had with dating and not finding the one.

Note: Yes, I am that type of guy, who believes in the one, fairytales, happily ever afters. A classic hopeless romantic who invests emotions, who later on finds out that he invested in watered stocks.

I was having a good time but my frustration-hands-in-the-air-dance was interrupted. I saw a friend, well an ex-friend, who I am not in good terms with. I literally panicked and asked my friend to hide me, he in turn told me he saw a former classmate. So in an attempt to conceal my presence, I went with my friend to say hi to this former classmate, Patrice.

Note: Before we went in the bar I told my friends I don’t want to meet anyone as I was supposed to take a break from the dating scene. Once again destiny would play another joke on me. The only difference is, this time it’s a good one.

As I danced with Patrice, I found out that she graduated from a prestigious state university, she works as an events coordinator, she did OT that Friday night and other information you can find in a CV (HR initial interview?..haha). In an attempt to ease my discomfort with seeing her dance with a hat on (it was getting quite hot and humid), I told her “Remove your hat.” It took a while before she removed it and once she did I was stunned. When she got tired from dancing, I saw it as an opportunity to further conceal my presence from the aforementioned friend. So I asked Patrice if she’d like to step out for a while and we did (it was around 4:00am).

Outside we got to know each other better. We talked about our families, educational background, past relationships, I even sang to her (Mr. Brightside and Use Somebody.. I think she somehow got impressed). We talked for two whole hours.

Instant chemistry.

Who would have thought that a means of hiding can turn into something meaningful, an unexpected meeting can turn into romance, that God would answer my prayers with a girl wearing a white hat dancing in a bar (who turned out to be sweet, kind-hearted and cute in many ways).

I will always find joy in reminiscing how we met, for it was…

Destiny. Serendipity. Tadhana.

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