Moving Closer (Never The Strangers Cover)

Armed with a laptop, usb speakers, an Android recording app, my voice and my hipster glasses; I make music in the most Unschooled way
It’s been a while since I uploaded a “recording” on SoundCloud. I have been busy with work (both core and admin tasks), my weekends are usually booked (usually with my clingy high school friends.. haha) and it’s a bit hard to find a song that would suit my voice, range, etc.
Luckily, I heard this song over the radio and in an instant I knew I had to make a cover. Enjoy! 🙂

“I’m Mr. Brightside”

First heard this song back in 2006. Made a cover last May 2013. Yup, this is a throwback.
If this song was a drug it would be my upper, I would listen to it whenever i need to enter hyper mode (my degree, and now my job is physically and mentally demanding). Years ago, I stumbled upon a write up regarding the song:
“Killers guitarist Dave Keuning wrote this about lead signer Brandon Flowers’ ex-girlfriend who cheated on him. Flowers recalled to Q magazine March 2009 how he discovered her with another man at the Crown and Anchor pub in his hometown of Las Vegas: “I was asleep and I knew something was wrong. I have these instincts. I went to the Crown and Anchor and my girlfriend was there with another guy.” Flowers added that the song was “born” at the Crown and Anchor.” – (thanks, Hannah – East Kilbride, Scotland)
The song became one of my all-time favorites, not just because of the up beat melody and creative lyrics, but also because of the story behind it.  So if you are a fan of The Killers or like this song or both, throw your fists to the air and sing at the top of your lungs “I’m Mr. Brightside!”