Ordinary Fairy Tale


What happens when Prince Charming is not charming anymore? What if he’s not a prince after all? What if he’s just an average Joe?

But he really loves the Princess who was:

a) Cursed by the evil Witch
b) Locked up in a tower, guarded by a vicious fire-breathing Dragon
c) Kidnapped by a sinister Wizard who plans to marry her and make her the mother of his evil offsprings

If our hero was just an ordiinary guy:

a) Would his kiss be magical to wake up Sleeping Beauty?
b) Would he be brave enough to seek the tower where the Damsel in Distress was imprisoned and slay the Dragon?
c) Would he be able to thwart the evil plans of the Wizard, just in time for him and the Princess to sing their theme song while flying on a magical carpet?

“Love can make an ordinary man do extraordinary things”